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Nordic walking is the fastest-growing outdoor fitness activityfor a good reason:
is the only discipline that ensures you mobilize 90% of your muscles without pain. 
Nordic Walking is excellent for your body, your brain, and your mind
it will make you happier and stronger as of the first session. 
What is Nordic Walking

What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking completes brisk walking with the use of SPECIFIC POLES (NOT mountain poles) that can propel us by increasing our walking speed while relieving our joints. It solicits 90% of the muscle chains in the same dynamic movement (thighs, calves, ankles, arms, pectorals, back, shoulders, neck, and pelvic floor).  

This sport can be practiced calmly and regularly by everybody (except people suffering from an inflammatory crisis of osteoarthritis and arthritis, tendinitis, or sprain) or more sustained by a trained public.

It is recommended for all those who wish to gradually return to physical activity, who wish to lose weight, or who want to relieve joint disorders.  Or just maintain or intensify their training and have a better life!

Grab your Nordic Walking poles if you are looking for: 

  • Mobilize up to 90% of your body

  • Perform a high-intensity arm workout

  • Improve your posture and alignment

  • Enhance deep breathing

  • Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight

  • Stay in shape (1.30h Nordic walking = 45 mn running)

  • Improve coordination and movement synchronization

  • Enhance mental well-being through a calming and meditative experience

  • Look for a nature-filled workout experience

  • Full body and low-impact workout that's suitable for all fitness levels


Nordic walking's origins date back to 1930s Finland, where cross-country skiers used poles for summer training. Its popularity soared in the '70s, and it was officially launched as Nordic walking in 1997. Today, it's a booming sport globally, with over 10 million practitioners. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends 10,000 steps a day, and Nordic walking is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Helene's Nordic Walking classes cater to anyone seeking a fun and healthy workout. Helene provides a medically approved, recommended, and beloved workout, perfect for those recovering from breast cancer, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, or just looking to boost overall fitness.


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 Helene, your instructor

I invite you to join this Nordic Walking community. I teach the best Nordic walking technique in the San Francisco Bay area.

After a successful sales career for 15 years with large companies in France, I made a career change and became a Nordic Walking coach when I moved to Belgium."


When I took up Nordic walking, I was determined to master the technique. I received training and certification from the French Community Wallonie Brussels Federation in Belgium, becoming a highly skilled and knowledgeable Nordic Walking coach."


Passionate about sports and outdoor activities, I bring a deep understanding of fitness and a commitment to helping others enjoy the many benefits of Nordic walking.

Ready to go?
Adopt Nordic walking poles

Nordic walking can't be improvised and requires learning a particular technique.

Join the Nordic walking initiation session to master the technique.

Nordic walking allows you to work your posture, do deep bodybuilding, and perform endurance.


During the initiation session, in accordance with the German-Swiss ALFA method, I propose to focus on:

* the grip of the pole,

* the technique of releasing and grasping/propelling,

* arm/leg synchronization

* the work of the posture and the rotation of the trunk,

* active work of the feet and breathing.

* climbing and descending techniques.


Private class is $150 for max 3 persons in the East Bay or $210 in San Francisco

Group class with a minimum of 3 persons, $50/pers in the East Bay, $70/pers in San Francisco

 Poles are provided for the initiation session, you can buy some at the end of the session.

Locations: Iron Horse Trail, Mount Diablo State Park, Lafayette Reservoir,  Oakland,  Embarcadero or any other convenience.


 2 hours intro session 

   Practice for 90 minutes 


Join the practice session and improve your technique for 1:30h

including 15-minute warm-ups and 75 minutes walking followed by some stretching.



Poles rental +$5 per pair. For buying poles, please contact me.

Minimum 5 persons by session and limited to 10 people.

Private classes (individual, club, or company) under conditions. 


It only requires a soft and comfortable outfit (training, canvas pants),

a pair of comfortable sneakers or low-rise walking shoes and a bottle of water to hydrate.

Locations: Iron Horse Trail, Mount Diablo State Park, Lafayette Reservoir, Oakland, or any other convenience.

They enjoyed it!
They adopted the Nordic walking poles and they enjoyed it!
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"Helene's Nordic walking class is a harmonious blend of technique, nature, and pure happiness. With her guidance, I learned to use the poles.

The good vibes make the entire experience rejuvenating."


"Nordic walking with Helene has been a game-changer for my joints. The poles offer just the right amount of support to alleviate discomfort in my knees and back.

Joining this class was one of the best decisions I've made for my body and my spirit!"


"Helene's sessions are the ultimate trifecta - a killer workout, a breath of fresh air, and a mindfulness practice all in one. After just five months, I've seen huge improvements in my posture and gait. If you want a holistic wellness experience, Helene's your gal!"



"Helene's Nordic walking class is a masterclass in both technique and mindfulness. From mastering the stick grip to perfecting the arm swing, she provides expert instruction on the physical mechanics of Nordic walking. Her encouragement and support throughout the class is the cherry on top."


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Phone: 925 393 9584



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